Discover new challenges and earn money everyday!

Earn money online by completing the tasks, challenges that are given by the app every day. The more challenges you participate in, the more chances of you earning smiles.

Amazing Features

Spin The Wheel

Earn guaranteed reward points everyday up to three times with Spin The Wheel. The feature allows you to earn reward points and more, which you can later convert to Smiles and win tasks.

Participate In Challenges

DAYC has multiple new challenges everyday for you to participate in. There are no restrictions on the number of challenges you participate in and win prizes.

Create Your Own Challenge

Don't like the challenges that you see on the DAYC app? Create your own challenge and share it with other users.

Play For Free

DAYC does not charge any sign-up charges or entry fees for any of its challenges. Play for free and win cash prizes, vouchers and gifts on the app.

Play With Family & Friends

Don't play alone, invite family and friends to join your tasks and challenges and battle it out against other players on the app to increase your chances of winning.

Build Your Fanbase

DAYC is all about meeting and connecting with new people. The more you participate in challenges, the more users will know about and like your images and videos. Your followers can also share Smiles with you to increase your chances of winning a challenge.

Make Your Brand Visible

Are you a brand wanting to connect with the right target audience? Partner with us and add your name to funky challenges, tasks and reach the right users to recognise and interact with your brand.

Immediate Disbursement Of Prize Money

You don't have to wait till a certain amount is accumulated to claim your prize money. The prize money will be transferred via PayTM or UPI (for Indian residents) and via PayPal (for users overseas). In case of a voucher, it will be mailed to the user's email address.

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Who made Dayc possible?

DAYC is the brainchild of Abhishek Jain who comes with nearly a decade of experience in the e-commerce sector. Abhishek completed his MBA in Marketing from JIMS Rohini and is also the founder of Mikado online that was developed in 2016. The Daily Challenge app is his newest venture for the new decade.

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Our Main USP's

Do you want to use your free time more productively and earn money online? Do you want an app that rewards you for having fun? Then you have come to the right place. The Daily Challenge app (DAYC) aims to let you earn money online with fun challenges, games and lets you create your own social network.

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Frequently asked questions

You can earn money by participating in various challenges and by winning them.
Browse through various challenges and participate by clicking on the camera icon attached on the challenge by uploading any suitable media eg. Photos, videos etc.
Yes. You can always suggest us a challenge via SUGGESTION button at the bottom of the home screen in the app.
You will receive your prize money through the option you select Paytm or UPI( If you are an Indian) or through PayPal ( If you are a non India resident). If prize includes any voucher or coupon you will receive it through the e-mail.
You can earn reward points by signing up, by inviting your friends, by participating in challenges, by uploading your status/story, by voting for others, through spin wheel, daily check in and watching videos.
Dear user ! You can always convert your reward points in exchange of votes/smiles. We have a simple conversion rule 250 Reward points = 1 smiley
Yes your media is safe with us because we are using end to end encryption so that third parties cannot read your data. We store your media on the cloud with Google and Amazon cloud services. Your media gets deleted from the app once the challenge expires. However, we can use or store your data for promotional activities.

Meet The Team

DayC is available for free on Google Play & App Store