About Us

What is Dayc?

Have you wanted to make your phone earn money for you? Do you want to use your free time more productively and earn money online? Do you want an app that rewards you for having fun? Then you have come to the right place. The Daily Challenge app (DAYC) aims to let you earn money online with fun challenges, games and lets you create your own social network.

DAYC is the brainchild of Abhishek Jain who comes with nearly a decade of experience in the e-commerce sector. Abhishek completed his MBA in Marketing from JIMS Rohini and is also the founder of Mikado online that was developed in 2016. The Daily Challenge app is his newest venture for the new decade.

Our Mission

The Daily Challenge App aims to spread smiles with our users and create a platform for them to earn money online.

About DAYC app

Smiles are contagious and at DAYC, that’s the virus we like to spread with our app that not only lets you spread smiles but also rewards you for the same. DAYC is the revolutionary new social networking platform that will engage you with its variety of challenges, tasks and games and lets you earn money online with minimal effort. The users of the app can use their time more productively and earn money through the app without any investment.

We do not believe in asking for an investment from our users like other apps, but provide a platform to earn money online in return for your time. Unlike other social networking sites, DAYC makes you popular and rewards you for it with real prize money. Earn extra income at the comfort of your home by using just your mobile phone.