How it works?

How does the DAYC app work?

Participate in the several number of challenges on the DAYC app and earn smiles by completing the tasks. Users earn smiles by signing up, participating in the tasks, completing the challenges, and by also creating your own challenges. Invite your friends and family to participate in the challenges and earn rewards online, all for free.

DAYC also comes with a chat feature that lets you interact with your followers and create a larger community on the app. The user with the maximum votes is declared as the winner.

How To Earn Smiles?

Seeing you smile is what makes us happy and the feeling is even more rewarding each time you earn them. For each challenge that you participate in, you can share and invite your friends and family to vote for you.

You can invite friends from other social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others to vote for you. You can also update your account regularly with status and photos that will be visible to your followers. Each time you upload a new post or participate in a challenge, your followers will get a notification and will vote for you and send you smiles needed to win the challenges. There are lots of activities on the DAYC app to keep you engaged like Spin the Wheel that rewards you for your efforts.

The more you share on the DAYC app, the more smiles you earn on the app. Like we said, spreading smiles and happiness is what the app is about.Users can redeem their reward points for smiles. The smiles can be used to win challenges in the app and progress further.

How much are the Smiles worth?

Each Smile on the DAYC app is worth 250 Reward Points. (250 Reward Points = 1 🙂)

1. Earn 5000 Reward Points when signing up for the first time, which can translate into 20 🙂

2. Earn 1000 Reward Points when you participate in any challenge that can convert into 4 🙂

3. Earn 50 Reward Points when you vote for other participants in the app. Yes, you earn smiles when you share happiness with others.

4. Earn up to 1000 Reward Points whenever you update your status or add a story on the app.

5. DAYC users can also Spin the Wheel and earn Reward Points up to three times every day to further earn smiles on the app.


1. Update your status regularly on the DAYC app and see your followers increase organically and earn Rewards for the same.

2. Make sure to check out all the challenges on the app. Participate in as many as you want and get more chances to earn reward points and claim smiles.

3. Vote for at least one participant in each challenge, for instance, if you vote in 30 challenges on the app, you can earn up to 1500 Reward Points (50 Reward Points x 30 Challenges). That translates to six smiles that you’ve earned with minimal effort.

4. The app gets updated with new challenges every day. So, make sure to come back and check out what excites you on DAYC.

5. Remember, the more votes you get, the higher are the chances of you winning the challenge.

6. Redeem your reward points for votes within the app and increase your chances of winning the challenges.

7. The more you interact and play on the app, more the number of followers you get. Connect with like-minded people and build a new community online.

What are you waiting for? Download the DAYC app and start earning money now!