20 Sep

Why Dayc is Best Money Earning App?

Our lives today are occupied with several commitments. There’s always something to complete in the office and the responsibilities at home aren’t too easy either. So when do you get time to be with yourself? It’s important then that you find that time and most of all, get rewarded for spending time with yourself. Because, at the end of the day, a happy you is a happy person that will do better, both professionally and personally. And it is in this business that the Daily Challenge (DAYC) App aims to make your life better and spread smiles with every click.

Unlike other apps that promise you rewards for unrealistic challenges, DAYC is all about spreading smiles by keeping things simple. We do that by making sure we reward you for your time. The DAYC comes up with new and interesting challenges every day and users need to complete the tasks, engage in different competitions and earn rewards. That’s being rewarded for your time each day, every day. The rewards can be converted into Smiles and used to win different competitions on the app. The DAYC app also allows you to invite your friends and family from other social media platformsto participate in challenges or just cheer you on the app and they too can earn or send rewards your way.

More importantly, unlike othersocial media platforms that can often get toxic, we encourage only positive content on the DAYC app. Sharing smiles starts with a positive mind and we want you to spend your time in a positive environment even when you are on your phone. The app isn’t just another efficient way to earn money online, but does so without wanting you to spend money.

Yes! We do NOT ask for a sign-up charge, or your credit card or debit card details. In fact, our users earn up to 5,000 reward points when they sign up and you can earn up to 1,000 reward points every time you participate in a task or a challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the DAYC app now and start making the most of your time. Earn money in your free time and online for free. How many apps promise you guaranteed returns for your time and effort? We promise you exactly that. And that’s what makes the Daily Challenge App different from everything else on the Play Store.



Testimonial 1

“I’ve just started using this app and it has something new to do every day.The app makes everything easy to navigate and the challenges are easy to play as well. The reward points show instantly and there’s always something to do that helps you win more smiles. Completely recommended if you want something exciting in your life.”

Testimonial 2

“I tried this app recently and I am hooked on to it. The challenges are fun and the instructions are easy to follow. It’s a good app for everyone across all ages and definitely better than downloading the same old games on your phone.”

Testimonial 3

“It’s an excellent idea and so much better than several apps that are out there. I love that it is free of charge and is quick to reward you. I’ve been winning so many challenges since I started playing on the app and can’t wait to discover more each day.”

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